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You don't give your tree line much thought-until, that is, you start to notice damaged or dying limbs. If your trees could use a little TLC, contact Green Way Lawn Services. Our landscaping professionals will inspect your property's trees and determine if there are any dead or infected limbs that could jeopardize tree growth. We'll remove any limbs that threaten the integrity of the tree to make sure your trees remain healthy. If your trees are in good shape, we'll simply trim back any overgrown limbs so they can continue to thrive.

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3 reasons to regularly trim and prune your trees

3 reasons to regularly trim and prune your trees

Need someone to help maintain your Gainesville, Georgia property's trees? Green Way Lawn Services can help. We'll take care of your tree trimming needs so you can start reaping the benefits of regular care. Tree trimming and pruning can:

  1. Decrease the likelihood of injury from damaged or falling limbs
  2. Keep insects at bay
  3. Reduce tree disease by improving air flow amongst the leaves

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