Lay Down Some Color!

Get residential/commercial mulch laying in Gainesville, GA

When it comes to your yard care, there's no better company than Green Way Lawn Services! We specialize in residential and commercial lawn care services in Gainesville, Georgia, including:

•Mowing, edging, trimming and blowing
•Lawn fertilizing
•Tree and shrub trimming
•Mulch and pine straw laying

3 reasons to lay down mulch or pine straw

1.Appearance. Adding mulch or pine straw to your beds or tree bases will bring a unified look and definition to your landscape. Nothing makes a yard "pop" more than bright green grass contrasted with a rich, dark mulch.

2.Weed control. Particularly when used in conjunction with a weed preventer, a layer of bark mulch or pine straw will make it more difficult for weeds to take root.

3.Moisture retention. Perhaps the most important aspect of all, mulch or pine straw will help your beds to retain moisture. That means less watering will be needed, and your plants will be healthier.

Call Green Way Lawn Services at 770-686-5337 to get commercial or residential mulch and pine straw laying in Gainesville, Georgia!

Also serving Alpharetta, GA and surrounding areas.